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Center for Excellence and Equity in Teacher Preparation

Christine Carrino Gorowara


  • cargoro@udel.edu
  • Office: 200 Academy Street, Room 212, Newark, DE 19716
  • Phone: 302-831-6885
  • Fax: 302-831-3137

Christine Carrino Gorowara

Sr. Associate Director, Office of Accreditation & Certification

Christine is the Senior Associate Director in the Office of Accreditation and Certification in the Center for Excellence and Equity in Teacher Preparation (CEETP), and is responsible for the assessment of UD educator preparation programs. She comes to CEETP after ten years in accreditation, serving as Vice President for Audits and Research for the Teacher Education Accreditation Council then as Vice President for CAEP Evidence for the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. Prior to her time in accreditation, she was a member of the mathematics education faculty in the UD School of Education, and throughout her career has studied and supported evidence-based decision-making. She holds a BA in mathematics from the University of Akron, an MS in mathematics from the Ohio State University, and a PhD in mathematics education from the University of Delaware.