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Center for Excellence and Equity in Teacher Preparation

Brave Community: A Pedagogical Approach for Teaching and Learning About Race




Curricular Innovation/Research

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Through her research, Dr. de Novais has developed a new theory called “Brave Community,” which describes the emergence of a classroom community that allows students to interact productively with one another as they engage with difficult content about race, culture and equality in educational settings. Brave Community is a process that creates strong academic grounding of rigorous content on race and blends that with the expectations of how academics in a healthy community are to conduct themselves in order to learn. This balance creates an environment in which people can be both courageous in their thinking and empathetic toward one another. Dr. de Novais has developed a workshop that teaches the Brave Community pedagogical approach to faculty participants. In 2020-2021, Dr. de Novais will be conducting a study of the experience of faculty that participate in the Brave Community workshop and their students. This study will involve faculty at UD and at another higher education institution.  The study is partly supported through a Partnership for Public Education Fellowship.


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