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Center for Excellence and Equity in Teacher Preparation

Tory McHugh


  • victoria@udel.edu
  • Office: 200 Academy Street, Room 103E, Newark, DE 19716
  • Phone: 302-831-2617
  • Fax: 302-831-3137

Tory McHugh

Academic Advisor/Certification Officer

Tory is the Academic Advisor/Teacher Certification Officer in the Center for Excellence and Equity in Teacher Preparation (CEETP), and is responsible for helping teacher candidates and alumni obtain certification in Delaware and other states. She came to CEETP from Behavioral Health and Nutrition at UD where she worked in undergraduate academic support for three years. She is a certified middle level mathematics teacher and an alumnus of the Alternate Routes to Certification program, also housed within CEETP.  She also worked in computer programming for 10 years.  Tory holds a BS in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Delaware and will complete her Master of Public Administration at UD in the Fall 2019.