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Center for Excellence and Equity in Teacher Preparation

Teacher Residency Program FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Residents are paid stipends to serve as Residents for one entire school year. If accepted, Residents will begin in mid-August with a summer professional development institute and continue until the last day of school in June. Residents will follow the school district calendar but have time off to study for finals as well as any other breaks offered by the district. This means that even though UD’s fall semester ends on the last day of finals, school districts continue, typically, until winter break (see district calendar to confirm), which is when you would be expected to be there. Furthermore, you would report to the school right after winter break (usually January 2nd or 3rd) and continue until the last day of school in June, with time off for finals and school district breaks.

UDTR will visit classrooms during the fall semester to share information about the residency program. Once we have had an opportunity to meet with students who will enter student teaching the following year, we will open the online application on November 1, 2023 and you will be able to apply directly through this site. Secondary STEM Education: M.S., 4+1 applications will be through the Graduate College. Please feel free to reach out for more information.

A portion of the application process will consist of two recorded essay responses and students will have a chance to rank the districts they would like to pursue for a residency placement. Students’ district rankings will be taken into consideration by each district. Representatives from the University of Delaware and districts across the state will review all applications and submit names of students they would like to interview. We will announce final selections through email once all districts have had a chance to select candidates.

Residents will receive a stipend during their residency year. Depending on the district, students may also be able to substitute for their residency teacher throughout the year and receive additional pay.

No. Residents follow the district calendar and take the district spring break (which is usually longer than UD’s spring break). Residents are required to be at their school teaching during UD’s spring break.

You will have to repay the stipend to the district. Upon acceptance of the residency, you will need to sign a promissory note with the Delaware Department of Education that states you will repay your entire stipend should you not complete your three years of teaching in the state.

No, all resident candidates are welcome. However, having relatives that live in that area or securing housing near the district would make the commute easier.

Please contact Maya Constantine, maya@udel.edu in the Center for Excellence & Equity in Teacher Preparation if you have any other questions.

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Associate Director of Residencies

Center for Excellence and Equity in Teacher Preparation

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